Road surfacing

Jones Bros has an in-house road surfacing division of contractors with a wealth of expertise in planning and carrying out road surface works such as resurfacing of roads, dual carriageways and motorways. Our team of road construction specialists have a reputation for completing construction, road repair and resurfacing projects on time and to budget.

Racing track surfacing
As road surfacing contractors, we at Jones Bros, adopt the principles of sustainability by planning and recycling existing materials to use as subbase and other quality aggregates, where possible. For example, at a racetrack, in North Wales, stone excavated on site was recycled to generate material for the subbase and tarmac road surfacing base layer, which was resurfaced to world superbike racing standards.

Motorway and highways surfacing specialists 
Work undertaken by our surfacing division includes hardening of the central reserve on a dual carriageway, the widening of the carriageway cross section to meet current standards and the resurfacing of the complete carriageway.

Road maintenance and carriageway repairs
Jones Bros experience in planning complex traffic management arrangements safely ensures minimal disruption to the travelling public during road surfacing and resurfacing work.

North Wales based Jones Bros are a profeesional road surfacing company and carry out road surfacing contracts and road construction projects including tarmac road surfacing across Wales, Cheshire, the northwest and the UK.